New Features Extend Coalition Web Site’s Functionality

We’re introducing a couple of new features designed to facilitate communication amongst Coalition members. The first is “Community-Submitted News,” which allows you to easily submit items for publication to the site. You don’t need to register or log in to do this; just go to the submission page and enter your content. (For more details, see this post, which was created using this feature.)

In addition, we’re adding a Community Portal — see this page for more details. This is still under development, so don’t expect much content — yet. But we invite you to add your content, including projects, interests, offers, and requests — and we’ll help publicize them here.

(If you tried to access this before August 10, 2012, please note that we have now substituted a Coalition Forum for the earlier “Elgg,” community, which didn’t seem to work very well. The new “Vanilla” Forum looks like a much easier vehicle for collaborative conversations. Please try it out. Thanks.)

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