Join us for the Sustainable Haiti Conference April 23-25 in Miami

This year’s Sustainable Haiti Conference promises to be an extraordinarily useful gathering of people and organizations — with tangible plans, access to investment funding, and innovative solutions to the challenges of rebuilding Haiti.

This 3rd annual conference will take place from April 23rd- April 25th, 2012 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. We’ll be hosting a session on April 25, on Coalition Building for Sustainable Enterprise Development, and we invite you to join us for this — and take advantage of the resources, contacts, and opportunities present at the Conference, which is now a regular part of John Rosser’s remarkable Sustainatopia festival, which also includes an annual Impact Conference that attracts more than 600 social investors and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Rosser has partnered with the Haitian Diaspora Federation (HDF) to bring a focus on investments to this year’s conferences. For the first two days, the Haitian Diaspora Federation will present the 2012 Investment Forum: Pote Kole Pou Ayiti Dekole – a conversation about the necessity for sustained investments that create jobs.

Rosser writes:

The 2012 Investment Forum will serve as an important platform to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, government representatives, and international agencies to see investments through a different prism, identify new opportunities and develop a shared agenda for the future.

Founded in 2010, the mission of the Haitian Diaspora Federation (HDF) is to help create a stronger, more prosperous, and equitable Haiti by mobilizing Haitian living abroad with resources to address the reconstruction effort, and Haiti’s sustained economic growth and development. To that end HDF, is focusing on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), a sector that employs about 80 percent of Haiti’s total work force. If nurtured, it can be a catalyst for long-term and sustained economic growth.

The 2012 Investment Forum will demystify Haiti for entrepreneurs and investors, as Haiti needs entrepreneurs willing to bet on its future. The Haitian Diaspora Federation (HDF) website is

Rosser maintains that the 2012 Sustainable Haiti Conference is the most comprehensive economic development conference of all time for Haiti. It will consist of over 40 workshops and panels + more than 100 speakers from around the world.

Early bird pricing (until 4/3/2012) starts at $169 for Haitian Diaspora members, $249 for a regular one-day pass, and $345 for full nonprofit attendance. Please let us know if you’re coming.

While tickets last, all Sustainable Haiti Conference admissions include the Sustainatopia Honors 2012 ceremony on the evening of Monday, April 23 — Rosser tells us it wouldn’t be Miami without this kind of extravanga, and it’s for a good cause…

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