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Current Job Opportunities in Haiti

9/2/11: Join the voice of Haiti.

Haiti is moving forward, and so is Voilà—one of Haiti’s largest telecommunications companies.

Our success is due in large part to the dedication and talent of people like you,
and we’re currently expanding considerably.

Successful candidates will be highly experienced professionals who speak French and English (Creole a plus), and who are passionate about making a difference in Haiti.

Please help us keep these listings up to date by adding your comments to this page. We will move current listings to the top to make them easier to find. If you are seeking a job, post your interests, skills, and experience at our Jobs Wanted Page.

If you are hiring in Haiti, or have volunteer positions open, please visit our candidates’ listings, and post your openings here also.


Job Listing Sites:

Earlier listings:

Director of Programs – Haiti, for Mercy Corps
Date Posted: 2/23/10
Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Country Director – Haiti, for American Refugee Committee
Date Posted:2/25/10
Location: Port au Prince, Haiti
Years Experience: 5

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