3rd Annual Haiti Track at Movement Day 2012 NYC September 27th-28th

3rd Annual Haiti Track at Movement Day 2012 ~ TWO DAY TRACK
“Redeveloping Haiti: Partnering for Strategic Impact”

Hilton NY Hotel
Thursday, September 27th 12:45pm-3:45pm and Friday, September 28th 8:00am-4:00pm

We recently received the following very special letter from our friend Marie-Yolaine Eusebe from Community2Community:

Dear Friends of Haiti,
As many of you know, shortly after the January 2010 Haiti Earthquake, I resigned my position at American Express to start Community2Community. I was eager to learn about non-profit development work and even more eager to learn the best way to help the people in Haiti to get on the road to self-sufficiency. A colleague sponsored me to attend Movement Day that same year and attend their Haiti Track.

This year will be my third year in attendance at the Movement Day Haiti Track. I keep coming back to be inspired, network with others on the ground and hone my skills as a leader by getting access to those who are doing it the right way. What I’ve learned, I’ve promoted and put into practice. Click here for my video testimonial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2VOP8Dzgkk&feature=youtu.be.

Here’s the program:

Dear Colleagues and Friends, we are working to put together an exciting high impact Haiti Track as part of Movement Day and have assembled a great group of speakers that are global leaders in their field of expertise.

Main Speakers and topics are:

Poverty Alleviation through Micro Lending
Peter Greer, the author of, ‘The Poor will be Glad,’ will communicate practical ways to develop greater impact to people and communities by integrating micro lending with sustainable development projects.

Strength-based Assessment Tools
Dr. Jayakaran will explain his healthy community concept and provide proven strategies to help you understand your community better. We will discuss ways to mobilize volunteers to do grass roots assessments that determine both the assets and threats of communities in crisis.

Community Development Strategies
Glenn Smith will address the need to develop a holistic approach to community development. You will learn cutting edge partnership ideas that have the potential to transform Haiti by building multifaceted collaborative projects.

Innovative Funding Concepts
Jimmy Lee will highlight some exciting new funding models that are reshaping how we fund modern day mission programs. We will explore ways to increase project funding through Global Venture Funds that create long term solutions to poverty.

In addition to the main speakers and topics below we will also hear from:
• Jeff Reed on the need to build spiritual foundations under all we do
• Dave Genzink on the progress of the 100K jobs initiative
• Joe Anfuso on how to establish wise mission teams to work with sustainable projects
• Dru Dodson on developing partnership strategies
• Dave Winrow on how to launch a profitable Auquaponics program
• Dan O’Deens on creating nutritional solutions through Moringa farming
• Beth Mollenhaue from Teachers Training Teachers on the need to invest in education

This year we are also inviting leaders from foundations and the business community that are interested in collaborating with us. We expect every participant to walk away from our time together with fresh vision for unity and new tools to accomplish the work you have been called to do. We have included interactive collaborative time so that you will be able meet new friends and build strategic alliances.

The Early Bird rate of $149, including lunch, officially expires today (August 15th) but if you contact me or Sharon Cushing at 718.593.8626, x213 or scushing@nycleadership.com, we’re holding a few spots at this rate for key parties that are recommended by our friends and partners.

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